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Summer 2017 Computing Curriculum  CPD program.

Please use the Bolton SICT Gateway to book your places. If you do have any problems booking, do not hesitate to contact us either via email  or at the office on 33 2034. 


Developing your School Digital leaders

As computing confidence grows in schools, how can you offer challenges to your more-able pupils?
Why not develop up to 3 of your Year 5 or Year 6 children to become Digital Leaders for your school?
The aim of these workshops are to develop and embed further in depth skills and knowledge using such programs as scratch2, blogging and animation, which they in turn will be able to share their knowledge alongside the class teacher.
Children will need to be accompanied by a Teacher who will take responsibility for the Digital Leaders in school to ensure that they are deployed effectively and have a clear understanding of what their roles and responsibilities are within school.
Your new Digital Leaders will be presented with a certificate after they have completed the course.
If you wish to attend any of these workshops, your 3 children will need to be accompanied by a teacher, they may also wish to drive the children to the course (insurance allowing) to reduce the cost of transporting the children.





CPD Event Date Training Overview



Developing Digital Leaders


– E-Safety Champions



18th September


1.00pm till


This course trains your school digital leaders to become “E-Safety Champions”, effective peer support for your children in school. These children will be shown how to identify possible e-safety issues arising around school.

They will be encouraged to understand that they are a very important set of “eyes and ears” as sometimes their friends will not share things with their teachers but discuss things that are worrying them with their friends.

Your new “E-Safety Champion”; will take part in various dramatic scenarios which will help them to know how to support their peers.

Your E-Safety Champion will work closely with your Safeguarding lead (or any other designated members of staff) to identify possible issues and support vulnerable children within your school.

Ideally, your safeguarding lead (or identified member of staff) will accompany the children on this workshop.

Hands on



New to Purplemash?


Are you getting the most from your Purple Mash?


27th September


Start 9.30 am till 3.30pm


Full day

Lunch will be provide  

Are you ready for this year’s Hands On Purplemash Event?

The day will be focusing on what’s new in Purplemash.

Using Mash to support digital literacy, digital media and of course coding.

It promises to be a day packed full new ideas

Great opportunity for your NQTs, new staff in your school to look at how this resource can enhance teaching and learning. Schools can send two delegates ideally one from each key stage

Free CPD to schools that subscribe to Purplemash        


Developing Digital Leaders

– Stop Frame Animation



28th September



1.00pm till




Lights, Camera Action!

Your Digital leaders will sample the world of Stop Frame animation and how it can have a positive impact in school in a host of curriculum areas from English, Maths and Science through to the foundation subjects.

Using the skills your digital leaders have developed by attending the workshop they will be able to share their knowledge alongside the class teacher.

Your children will take part in animating their own scene and providing a voice over for it.

Lots of Fun!


Computing for NQTs

9.30am till 3.30pm

Lunch is provided

We are running this course three times:


10th October


7th December


7th February

This CPD will give your NQTs the opportunity to focus on how they approach their computing lessons.

The day will focus on:

·     BoltonSICT computing long term and iCan Statements

·     iCan statement assessment

·     Online Safety Update

·     Hands on activities that NQTs can use to cover key elements of the Computer Science aspect of the curriculum – using Purplemash, Scratch & iPads.