About us

Who We are

Since the times former Wall Street expert John Steven Levegerie and his fellow investment market colleagues decided to quit their respective firms in order to form their own, we’ve grown in so many remarkable and expertise-wise ways!

Starting with the fact that we’ve seen the number of employees working for us rise from mere 10 in 1992 to more than 300 by now. The changes can also be easily seen all the way along the overall capitalization of the companies we’re working with if compared with a year-by-year basis. If 25 years ago that number stood at $34 million marks, today the number is still $34, but with 3 more zeros at the end, making it billions instead of millions.

our advantages

All-round Success

The most fundamental of all our work principles is that if the client is happy, then we’re too. This is ensured by the fact that we offer whole range of…

Risk-free Approach

Via advising on our client’s investment and liquidity portfolios we come to manage significant amount of money. But for us, the bigger the…

Fair Fees Policy

While we do work with the world’s and nation’s richest companies across the aisle here in New York and on Wall Street, we never mismanage their…
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what people say about us

As the Great Recession hit us 8 years ago, my company found itself on the brink of plain and simple bankruptcy. It’s only thanks to this company’s sound strategic planning that we were able to make it!



As we’ve been looking to launch a brand new product, paralleling our current range, we were venturing into the unknown. But thanks to this company’s market research we’ve had it all figured out!