Anti-Virus Protection

The Schools ICT Unit provides a managed Sophos Desktop Anti-Virus solution for primary schools which are part of the authority Active Directory. This is valid for any machine which is permanently connected to a school network and authenticated against the school or LA servers. 


The Sophos Endpoint and Security suite comprises of several elements.

  • Anti-Virus – one of the worlds leading Anti-Virus programs and is trusted by users in over 150 countries, in addition to receiving numerous industry awards and commendations.
  • HIPS – Host Intrusion Prevention System aims to stop malware before a specific detection update is released by monitoring the behavior of code. This level of protection stops over 85% of unrecognized attacks before they can compromise your system in anyway.
  • DLP – Data Leakage Prevention can stop data from leaving your network, via email, USB or other methods. This monitors outbound traffic from your PC and checks for data which may match a known pattern of personal detail e.g. credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers etc. Please contact us if you require more information on this.
  • Web Protection – blocks web threats at the source so you can stop malware, fake anti-virus, and phishing attacks before they become a problem.
  • Application Control – using the managed service, you can request that only certain applications are allowed to run on your machines. This can stop users from running unwanted and potentially unsecure applications from running on your network, therefore eliminating issues before they occur


All or any of these features can be enabled at your school with minimal intervention from yourselves. Just let us know about your required security policies and we’ll see how we can tailor the solution to you.

For secondary schools and primary schools which aren’t part of the LA Active Directory, we can provide the software for you roll out across your school.