Welcome to the curriculum area.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Congratulations to Oxford Grove Primary School, our latest school to achieve the Naace ICT Mark – Well Done!

This curriculum support package offer to schools?

  • Bespoke support package according to schools’ development and action plans.
  • The opportunity for schools to discuss resources and the teaching and learning through computing.
  • 1:1 consultant time action planning.
  • Reviewing Online safety and Acceptable User Policies.
  • Advice and support given to schools that have started to used iPads to enhance the teaching and learning experience.
  • Deliver team teach sessions with pupils and staff.
  • Delivering INSETs, twilights and staff meetings covering a wide variety of topics including the new curriculum, PurpleMash, Online safety, Blogging.
  • Schools will continue to have the option to trade in days for places on any of the CPD events being run by the Bolton SICT Curriculum Team and the offer of 2 delegates for 1 days trade in.


NEW THIS YEARTrade in time can now be used for any of our Education Days Trips held at our training centre.

The focus for these trips are developing computer science learning, there are range of options including Minecraft, Lego WeDo2 and Mindstorm for upper KS2, Kudo and Animation.

For further details, contact the office.




Have you heard the news?

Computing SLA schools can now use of their trade in time for any of our Education Days Trips held at our training centre.  

Bolton SICT ‘Day of Computer Science’ Trips.

Schools will be able to bring a class of up to 30 pupils for the day, from year 2 to year 6 to our Bolton SICT Training Centre (the old Smithills 6th Form). These sessions are linked to the computing curriculum and will include lots of opportunity to learn new computing skills and plenty of hands on collaborative learning.

The day will start at 9.30 till 2.45. Schools will need to bring their own lunches and refreshments.


WeDo2 Children will work in groups, making a variety of LEGO robots that they can then program to follow a set of instructions.

They then progress to write their own programmes.

This day suitable for Year1 upwards

This action packed education day will see your class, regardless of their ability, use Minecraft to work collaboratively towards an exciting common goal developing their team work and thinking skills. Once the children have experienced their whole class success, they will immerse themselves in a personal *history/geography/science/art* challenge which will test their problem solving skills and perseverance. To round off this exciting day children will work together to create a piece of cross-curricular writing to record their day, ready to upload to your website.

This day suitable for Year4 upwards


Lego Mindstorm

Children will work in groups of four, the morning session focus is the building of their robot. The afternoon session focus is programming a series of challenges

This day suitable for Year 5 & Year 6 only


Your children will learn how to create their 3D world and be given an overview of skills needed to start to program their own 3D game.  This is a free download that can then be used in school.  

This day suitable for Year4 upwards

Animation Day will use Stop Frame (Wallace and Gromit style) animation, it will engage your pupils in a practical way while also developing their writing and speaking and listening skills. Your children will take part in animating their own scene and providing a voice over for it.

Lots of Fun!