Data Backup

Microsoft Data Protection Manager

Early 2014 sees the roll out of the new backup service provided by Microsoft Data Protection Manager. This is part of the Microsoft System Centre suite which also enables us to provide enhanced server monitoring. With the increased reliance on Microsoft SQL for SIMS, FMS and Discover, we feel that a Microsoft product will be the best solution to backup Microsoft software. This system enables us to backup all important school data on a nightly basis.

How does it work?

When the system is first run, all relevant data is sent to the Castle Hill Data Centre. All data is transmitted in a secure and encrypted format to ensure that your information is protected at all times. Each subsequent night, the backup client compares the data on your server against what was backed up the previous night. Any changes to your data are sent across the WAN to the Castle Hill Data Centre and your data is reconstructed. This allows us to protect a huge amount of data, whilst only taking up a small amount of bandwidth and over a small amount of time.

What has changed?

The SICT Unit has rolled out an updated backup solution to your school. This new service is based on Microsoft Data Protection Manager and replaces the 7 year old Attix backup service.

What does this mean to the school?

In terms of the school’s day-to-day involvement, you shouldn’t notice much change. The daily email report will be stopped and replaced with an online monitoring portal. This is currently being developed and further details will be posted in this section of the gateway once this goes live. In the meantime, rest assured that the school backups are being monitored daily by SICT staff as before.

Why have you made these changes?

The Attix software is now 7 years old and has undoubtedly been a successful service, however there are newer products out there which are more up to date and can enable us to protect more data. In fact, we can now increase the amount of data being protected from 200Gb to 600Gb at no extra cost to the school.

What do I do if I need a file restoring?

Ask your Onsite technician or log a call with the SICT Unit helpdesk as before.

New vs Old

  Attix   DPM
Data protected 200Gb   600Gb
Days protected 30 days   45 days
SQL limited   full
Server monitoring no   yes*
      *Q4 2014

What if we go over the 600Gb limit?     

We now have the flexibility to increase the amount of data protected (at a slight additional charge). Previously we had to start de-selecting ‘less important’ files to back up to try and bring the school below the data limit.

Anything else we need to know?

The Microsoft DPM suite also allows us to carry out enhanced server monitoring, this is currently being developed and will roll out to schools towards the end of the year.​​​​​​​