The Schools ICT Unit (SICT) can supply a wide range of computer hardware to schools, for use both in the classroom to aid teaching and learning, and also in school offices to help with administration. We provide our own maintenance service, provided by technicians who have knowledge of your staff, network, and hardware; you don’t have to deal with the equipment manufacturer to effect a repair. We constantly evaluate market prices to ensure that schools are getting value for money. If you would like prices for any equipment, advice regarding what to buy, or demonstrations of the equipment in school, then please get in touch on 01204 332034 or contact@sict.bolton.gov.uk

iPad Leasing Scheme

SICT now offer an iPad Leasing Scheme, where schools can hire an iPad package over 3 years. This package comprises of:

  • 16 32Gb WiFi iPads (2017 model)
  • 16 Protective cases
  • 1 TabCart charging trolley to charge the iPads
  • Mobile Guardian mobile device management by Schools ICT
  • Caching server to ease daytime internet load (app and iOS updates are done overnight)
  • Batch of SICT recommended paid apps (e.g Book Creator, Popplet, Morfo Booth, Explain Everything, Writing Wizard)
  • Training for School Staff

Management of the iPads by SICT means that schools will receive similar support to that which they receive on PCs and laptops, and do not have to worry about the administration of a sometimes large number of apps across many devices.


The above equipment can also be bought on a purchase or deferred-payment basis (see below); The equipment is then owned by the school immediately (purchase) or after 3 years (deferred payment). We can now also repair broken iPad screens.

Network Equipment

SICT can supply network equipment for use in schools, to facilitate both wired and wireless networks. We currently supply Ubiquiti and Sophos wireless equipment, and we can do a wireless survey in school beforehand to ensure optimum positioning of the wireless access points.


SICT can supply Microsoft software at educational prices which are much lower than those in the consumer market. We can also supply other software on request.


PCs can be supplied in the conventional form of base-unit and monitor, or in the new form of an all-in-one unit where the base unit components are contained within the monitor shell. The latter is a ‘neater’ solution only requiring one power lead, and fewer wires. We currently supply the Dell 3050 base unit and the Dell 5250 all-in-one unit.


Laptops can be supplied on an individual basis or in batches (e.g 16 or 32) together with charging trollies in capacities of 10,16, 20, and 32. We currently supply laptops from Stone Computers.


We currently supply the Dell T330 server which acts as the main whole-school server in primary schools. The servers are supplied with Windows Server software and are carefully configured to ensure data security both across administration and pupil use.

Other Hardware

Printers, network switches, cables, laptop parts (batteries, screens, chargers & keyboards) can also be supplied.

Types of Purchase

We can supply equipment via a number of procurement methods, including ways to spread your payments. Please contact us for further information on 01204 332034 or techteam@bolton365.net