The Schools ICT Unit runs a helpdesk service available for schools who have signed up to the LA SLA. Hours of operation are from 8:45 to 4:45.


When logging a call please have as much information available as possible. This can help us provide a swifter service and to ensure that your query is passed to the correct team as quickly as possible.


To log a call via email – click here​


To log a call online – click here (coming soon)


To log a call via the helpdesk – phone (01204 33)2034


Required information can include details such as;


The Asset Tag of the affected equipment, this should be visible and will be either a blue or a black sticker and have ‘Bolton Schools ICT Unit’ printed on it. It will begin with either 

  • BAS – for base units
  • MON – for monitors
  • PRN – for printers
  • OTH – for anything else


The software in use – e.g. SIMS module, Word etc.


The nature of the fault and how many people it is affecting – i.e all staff, one pupil, whole school etc.


If it is a website block, the URL from the address bar and the reason it is giving for the block.