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New Resource from Think U Know

Play Like Share helps children to identify the signs of pressurising and threatening behaviour in an age appropriate way. This is explored through highly relatable characters and non-frightening peer-on-peer scenarios, where children recognise tactics such as flattery or bribery or that feeling you might get when something’s not right.

The resources aims to develop children’s confidence and skills to respond to these situations and get help when they need it.

play-like-share-resource-pack play-like-share-workbook-level-1        play-like-share-workbook-level-2


Below are two powerful videos, that have a strong online safety messages.

If you are under ten would advise to watch with an adult.

If you have any questions or concerns always talk to your trusted adult.    

CEOP – Jigsaw


CEOP – Tom’s Story 

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