Online Safety @school

Here you will find lots of useful links to websites that will help support the teaching of online safety and being a good digital citizen.

Bolton Schools have started to adopted Education for a Connected World framework into the teaching of Digital Citizenship and PHSE.

Staff have welcomed the clear progression and learning objectives across all the Key Stages.

Education for a Connected World

 Purplemash have developed this resource link to Education for a Connected World with PurpleMash

This resources focuses  on eight different aspects of online education: Self-image and Identity Online relationships

Online reputation

Online bullying

Health, wellbeing and lifestyle

We suggest covering these under the theme of Information Technology:

Managing online information

Privacy and security

Copyright and ownership

Resource for EYFS
Resource for EYFS

Resource for KS1

Teacher Resources

 Resource for KS1

Teacher Resources

Resources for Key Stage 2 Teacher Resources  Teacher Resources Teacher Resources 

Opportunities for Reading

These are some of the books we use in our digital citizenship workshop to start discussions

Opportunities for Writing Technology Pioneers

Suggestions for

Key Stage 1

Tim Berners Lee Bill Gates Steve Jobs

Suggestions for

Key Stage 2

Charles Babbage Ada Lovelace Kate Bouman Alan Turing