Ready Steady Go! #racingmilo

Ready Steady Go! #racingmilo

What a great finish to a very busy week, year2 from St Joseph’s RC primary came for a Lego Day.

In the morning we built Milo the Robot, we added an object sensor so he would not bump into anything, but the very best bit was having races! Sometimes we would count down and not all of our Milos set off, we worked together checking our programs and then tried again – this is called debugging in computing terms!

You can see in the video below our races were great fun.

We had to break Milo up, ready for our new robot after lunch. Our challenge after lunch was to build a robot that could pull different objects, we did find that after some testing we had to swap the wheels over to rubber ones as this meant they could put heavier objects.

We all agreed we had a great day and a lot better than spelling test Friday!!

We would love to hear your comments if you attended this trip.

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