About 2 years ago, the Schools ICT Unit introduced a revolutionary new service giving staff access to school data and applications from home.  Although it was a big success we have always been aware of its limitations and have been working hard to resolve them.

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new schools remote access service.  There are many improvements so please take a minute to look at the improvements and outlines feature pages to gain and understanding of how we have improved and the implications to the current service.

The new service brings great flexibility on how it can be accessed, including Windows computers, Mac computers, iPad, Android and via all the main web browsers.  There is still an install/configuration procedure but if you have any problems we are here to help.

Important Password Information

Using remote access on your own or school computer is the best way to access the service.  It enables you to access the service at the click of an icon and only requires you to enter a password to logon.  This page will give you some very important information about the password which you will use to login.  Further down the page you can find guides to help you install the Remote Access Application. Once installed the login process has been drastically improved, however it is different to the old method.  When logging into the system you will be presented with a login box similar to the one below.


The username is the same as your login to email or the computers in school.  But the password is made up of your normal password plus the 6 digit code obtained from the Dell token.


There is no space between the password and token number and if you tick the “Save Credentials (encrypted)" you will only need to enter the Password and token number on future logins.

We know this is different to the current method but it allows us streamline the login process and if there any problems please let us know.

We have produced a user guide to help you get started and once installed the access process is very simple indeed.

Please click here to access this user guide